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Virtual Workouts

now you can find the body of your dreams from the cozy comforts of your bedroom! the tribe conducts over 3 hours of focussed live work-outs every day! thats’ almost 96 hours of pure exhilaration that you can indulge in.

in addition to the regular training sessions conducted by our 3 disciplinarians, you get access to yoga sessions thrice a week, diet & nutritional advice from our in-house nutritionist and weekly injury & pain consultations with our physiotherapist.

Personal Training

if working out in a group is not your thing, we offer a selection of private training sessions that combine all the disciplines and vary from pure functional training to intense hiit workouts.

each private training schedule is tailor made to your weight, experience, diet, health & fitness goals. we take the time to understand your requirements, likes, dislikes, and routines to customize a fitness regime just for you!

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Corporate Training

today’s new “work life balance”  has created the need for a more holistic approach to health has become the need of the hour. corporate sessions by the tribe’s combine mental conditioning with our signature fitness education.

the result is, that a mentally fit mind, not only paves the way for a truly fit body, but also does wonders to one’s overall productivity & efficiency!
we also offer nutrition plans, exercise regimes & performance barometers to every participant.

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